A Detailed Approach to Commercial Property Sales

In today’s commercial property market, the sale process is quite specific and very special. All factors of the property and the market must be looked at by the agent before the marketing campaign is established and actioned. If you really want to sell the property, pay particular attention to the preparation process for every quality listing. Exclusivity is required.So what can you do? When you fully understand the prevailing market conditions and the factors of the property as it exists today, you can productively move ahead in marketing and promotion. You may even have some property challenges to work through before you establish the campaign of promotion.Here are some things to look at:
Review all leases relating to the subject property. As part of that make sure that any weaknesses are addressed. There is no point in having ‘hurdles to address’ in the upcoming advertising or property inspection period.
Review the services, amenities, improvements, and locational factors. Look for the strengths and weaknesses in each.
Assess the competition properties in both price and location. The other properties locally will have a history of marketing and enquiry; that will give you hints and ideas of the issues that are working when it comes to property promotion.
Understand the prices recently through the area. Are prices lifting or are they stable? Perhaps they have fallen over the last few years (that’s not unusual). There are cycles to the pricing process and they are quite easy to see.
Look at the time on market that applies to the property type today locally. Given the chosen method of sale, the time on market will be quite important. Choose the method of sale that brings the best results in a timely and efficient way.
The property owner will have price and market perceptions that may need to be shaped. Get details of comparable sales as part of that process.
Look at what competing agents are doing locally with other properties. You may have some other listing challenges in the area that impact your marketing campaign.
Go through your database to see if you can create a ‘short list’ of qualified buyers that are still in the market looking for property. They can be quoted the property as soon as it is released to the market.
Establish a marketing campaign that is targeted to the right segment of buyers. Make sure that the promotional process is quite specific and complete. You will need vendor paid marketing funds for that.
Review the property for any repairs and maintenance issues that should be addressed prior to the promotional process commencing.
So there are plenty of things to do as part of preparing a commercial or retail property for sale today. A good property preparation will help the inbound enquiry rate considerably and shorten the time on market. Most marketing campaigns should be very focused for the first 4 weeks of release.

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6 Online Resources to Streamline Tedious Business Tasks

According to a survey of 1,200 people by Office Time, the number one time waste for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and professionals is email, with meetings being a close second. You may not be able to completely eliminate tedious duties in your day-to-day work, but there are online resources to help expedite some of your most time-consuming business tasks. From project management to accounting, these online services have your business covered.Sage OneQuickly take care of your business quotes, invoices and expenses with a free accounting software like Sage One. You don’t need an accounting degree to figure out how to compile all the financial data you need. Sage One simplifies the process so you’re not stuck figuring out next steps and how your numbers add up. You can also integrate with your bank and send reports to your CPA to review a crisp, clean cash flow statement you barely had to work on.Fancy HandsSkip the expense and hassle of hiring someone part-time to deal with random tasks, such as researching, purchasing the right office supplies and managing your appointments and calendar. With Fancy Hands, you can sign up for as few as five task requests a month and go all the way up to an unlimited plan. And Fancy Hands isn’t just for business. If your cable bill suddenly went up, you can submit a request to have an assistant call and resolve it for you.TrelloDitch the traditional to-do lists you never look at again, and manage your projects with Trello. Assign tasks a virtual card that you can quickly drag and drop to different columns to keep track of what’s going on and what you need to do next. Plan your next big product launch or put together a board for your next business trip. Trello also lets you add team members to your board. They can add cards, make suggestions and check-off completed tasks.EdgarUse a social media scheduling site like Edgar to see sobering statistics of how little your social media reach really is. For example, the half-life for a Tweet is 24 minutes and 90 minutes for a Facebook post. That means very few people ever see your social media updates announcing your big business news or services. Like Hootsuite and other social media schedulers, Edgar has an option to schedule out your posts when you want your audience to see it. But unlike other services, Edgar lets you stock up to 5,000 posts in an online library into different category buckets. The system automatically stocks up its queue with updates from your library, and when you run out, it uses older ones so you never miss out on branding your business.BidsketchBidsketch empowers you to create better business proposals in at least half the time. Build the confidence to pitch bigger and more lucrative clients with a polished presentation. You can mix and match your content, fees and designs to pull together a professional-looking proposal. Capture your client signatures online when they approve your proposal and impress them with a customized client landing page.GoToMeetingYou probably can’t completely eliminate business meetings from your weekly schedule, but you can simplify the process with GoToMeeting. Connect with anyone from whatever device you’re using, whether a tablet, smartphone or laptop, for an HD video chat and shared screen. The best part is GoToMeeting automatically records your meeting for a more thorough review later.These are just six of the many online resources available to help increase productivity.

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